Hands can give away a person's age just as much as their face.
The skin on the hands is exposed to the harshness of everyday life more so than any other part of the body and, as such, is very susceptible to premature ageing.

But while many people spend fortunes on looking after the skin on their face, they neglect to look after the skin on their hands, leaving them with the telltale signs of how old they really are.

There are many reasons that the hands are so prone to premature ageing. For one thing protecting them from the sun can be hard. Even if you do apply sunscreen to your hands, it is just as quickly washed off with repeated exposure to water and cleaning detergents. In addition as we age our skin also becomes thinner and we begin to lose fat, so the hands become less plump and veins are more visible through the thinner skin.

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As many of the age related problems visible on the hands are the same as those on the face (sun damage, pigmentation, loss of fat etc.) a wide range of treatments can be tailored for hands.

These include:
- Dermal fillers for plumping the skin
- Skin hydrators such as Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light
- Mesotherpay
- Medical skin needling such as Dermaroller
- Chemical peels
- Topical skincare

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